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Dennis Gile Quarterback Academy Reality Series

Follow Dennis has he trains outstanding pro and college or college bound quarterbacks as they challenge themselves in pursuit of perfection on the football field!

Dennis Gile, (Wikipedia) is a former American football quarterback who played two seasons in the Canadian Football League. He played college football at Central Missouri State University. He was also a member of the New England Patriots, Green Bay Blizzard, Arizona Rattlers, Utah Blaze and Odessa Roughnecks. Gile has worked as a quarterbacks coach after his playing career. With all that, Dennis also manages to race sprint cars in USAC Southwest Sprint Cars championships.

Many athletes dream of being America's top quarterback and will do whatever it takes to climb to those heights. Dennis Gile, former NFL player and renowned coach, trains the country's elite quarterbacks and gives them the tools they need to step up their game. Getting into athletes' heads while training both prodigies and raw talent, he pushes quarterbacks beyond their physical and mental limits. Quarterbacks presently working with Dennis include Malik Zaire, Kyle Allen, Brett Hundley, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, and Tyrod Taylor.

This documentary-style, reality TV series follows a group of talented young men as they train to become the best athletes they can possibly be. They are taught to throw in every kind of situation, from every part of the field in a natural, fluid way that makes throwing seem effortless. Dennis takes the time to demonstrate the bio-mechanics of throwing a football to players who passionately want to improve their game.

While Dennis works with them, he evaluates nuances in their techniques that can make or break them on the playing field. Some quarterbacks have the talent to become great, yet lack the mental strength to become successful players. The audience gets to look into the psyche of these young men as they develop the physical skill and mental power it takes to become great quarterbacks.

This series allows viewers to watch as athletes step into Dennis's world, and sometimes into his family, as players often stay in his home. While Dennis mentors quarterbacks on and off the field, viewers will connect with each athlete's struggles and his progress. Personal moments - visits to the local barbershop, go-cart racing, and intimate looks into the families and friends behind each quarterback - deepen the connection between players and the viewers watching at home.

Each episode will highlight one of America's top quarterbacks, at the high school, college or NFL level, while showcasing Dennis' coaching style and ability to get on the same level as his athletes. He doesn't just instruct them, he shows them.

Future episodes will include "follow-ups" on featured players so viewers can continue to track the journey of quarterbacks as they move through high school, college, and then into the world of professional football.

The father of one of Dennis' students said, "It doesn't matter if Dennis is teaching NFL guys, or teaching high school kids, he's going to give them the same pointers and not let them get away with the little stuff." Quarterbacks know what a gifted coach Dennis is and that's why they come from hundreds of miles away to be tutored by him.

And when these gifted players arrive at Quarterback Academy, they'll hear one thing, "If you do this, you will be great!"

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Dennis Gile has successfully coached thousands of young quarterbacks in his career including such players as Notre Dame's Malik Zaire and the NFL's Tim Tebow, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Colin Kaepernick. Yet his goal is not just to to develop their throwing talents, but also to "make them better husbands, better fathers, better men" by pushing them past their highest expectations in every area.