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Momentous Entertainment Group develops and produces quality life and faith reality TV shows, dramas, documentaries, and feature films depicting positive images and compelling moral stories.

We look at people and their experiences and bring them to life in the most realistic and powerful way possible celebrating the importance of faith and the values of optimism, sacrifice, hope, redemption, and love that can be enjoyed by family audiences worldwide.

The mission of Momentous Entertainment Group is to create original TV programming, feature films, and music that address culturally relevant topics from a Christian perspective.

Because each life can influence untold numbers of people, the Christian values in all of our productions are solid and will entertain and inspire all people for many years.

The company's executives have over 25 years of entertainment media industry experience and have established valuable relationships with television networks, studios, distributors, satellite, cable, broadcast TV systems, and online platforms enabling opportunities. These relationships allow the company to operate in a lucrative and low-risk side of the entertainment business.

Our TV and feature film production division offers concept development, production, and sales representation services to producers and industry partners for any delivery platform worldwide.

Momentous Entertainment Group is also involved in original content development and production, sales, acquisitions, studio co-productions and financing. Please see Financial Equity Film Partners for specifics – Click Here for More Information

Momentous Entertainment Group's TV and film division has signed a talent agreement with Bobby Dale Earnhardt, grandson of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt to produce a reality TV series. This series will offer fans an intimate look into Bobby's life as he attempts to rival his grandfather and uncle as a top contender in the upper echelons of professional car and truck racing.


Momentous Entertainment Group's TV and film division has also signed a talent agreement with Dennis Gile, one of the top ranked professional quarterback coaches in the nation. Follow Dennis has he trains outstanding pro and college or college bound quarterbacks as they challenge themselves in pursuit of perfection on the football field!


Since 2013, the GRAMMY-SUBMITTED LABEL, Momentous Music, has been striving to produce the finest Adult Contemporary music using quality artist and true instrumentation the priority of the process to produce a quality recording. We have produced both music and audio recordings in the Adult Contemporary genre since our inception. Momentous Music has released 2 CDs to date, featuring Suzanne Olmon and Roger Clark. Kurt Neubauer serves as CEO of the Division. Momentous Music is owned and operated as a Division of Momentous Entertainment Group in Sugar Land, Texas.


Summing Up

Please note Momentous Entertainment Group does not accept unsolicited submissions. Should one wish to contact us regarding a submission, pleased do so through a registered agent or attorney.


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