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Momentous recently acquired Chimera® Games. is a well-established game platform with a portfolio of seven popular games and a loyal user community containing over 1 million users and 550,00 email addresses which produce an excellent ADPU (Average Dollar Per User) that exceeds the gaming industry average.


The sale includes two website domains, and, all online and social media games currently available on these websites, several Facebook social media accounts, all current customer accounts which include 1 million unique users and 550,000 email addresses. The games within the Chimera portfolio include: (i) The Mob: Rise of the Don, (ii) Monster Island, (iii) Renegade, (iv) Zombie Rezurrection, (v) Syndicate, (vi) Mercenary Star, (vii) Heroes: Knights of the Realm.


The Facebook performance statistics for Chimeras’ leading games indicate that the Average Dollar per User (ADPU) is considerably higher than the competition. Additionally, the conversion rate from Free Player to Spender is well above the industry average.


The assets are monetized by offering free to play games on social media and web portals with premium currency sold in game. The current primary driver of user traffic comes from Facebook but additional customers play the games directly on the Chimera games website portal at Momentous will be expanding the worldwide usage and revenue generation of these social games by making them available on Momentous’ previously acquired Poolworks (MeinVZ and StudiVZ) social media networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


First Company Gaming Platform: Chimera® Games