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NeuroFUSE Nootropic Supplements.


NEUROFUSE is an ecommerce retailer whose main product (a supplement) is designed to help internet gamers and millennials who spend all day surfing the internet, focus and beat the competition. Neurofuse contains a precise blend of 12 premium nootropic ingredients, designed to help anyone who takes it, run faster, jump higher and just plain accomplish more. The tie-in is the Company which has sold an impressive 35,000 bottles can introduce NEUROFUSE, to Chimera Game’s 1 million users. German’s (Poolworks) who are known for their hard work and competitive streak, could also a prime target to purchase the supplement. We would imagine that Momentous, as owners of both Poolworks and NEUROFUSE, could offer a special price to Poolworks current users and/or to entice new users to the social network.


MEG E-Commerce Div

In business for over two years, NEUROFUSE continues to thrive and has seen extraordinary growth since inception. Since June 2014, the company has sold to approximately 35,000 on-line customers. A great product and superb customer service have played a crucial role in allowing for approximately 40% of sales coming from repeat customers. The sale includes the website (, Facebook and Twitter domains, all NEUROFUSE trademarked brands and copyrights, all current customer accounts, merchant accounts, fulfillment, customer service facilities and existing inventory.


All products that they supply come from their contracted Federal Food & Drug Administration Inspected and approved multi-million dollar facilities. They are also all ‘GMP’ certified, meaning: ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’, which assures that each and every time, customers receive the exact same potent, and effective product blends.


What NeuroFUSE customers as saying about the nootropic products.


MEG E-Commerce Div



Summing Up

Momentous is aiming on becoming a strong health supplement provider thourgh its ecommence platforms within the next several years.



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