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Financial Equity Film Partners

Financial Equity Film Partners provides short term film and other content project financing, bridging the timing gap from start of principal photography through delivery of the completed film.

Financial Equity Film Partners does not take speculative box office risk associated with standard film producing. Instead, we finance against major studio contracts, international distribution contracts, and film rights.

Financial Equity Film Partners’ managing partners collectively have over 150 years of experience structuring financing and distributing films.

As a private specialty finance company, FEFP is not burdened with the same regulatory restrictions and requirements of commercial banks, allowing it to be more nimble and dynamic relative to traditional lending sources.

FEFP can provide mezzanine debt, allowing for a greater array of financing options to producers and studios in structuring film financings.

FEFP will have its own international sales agency, enabling FEFP to capture greater economics of selling films into the international market and greater access to information on international distributors.

The following key elements must be in place in order for funding to be approved. Financial Equity Film Partners’s criteria is as follows:

  • All production elements in place including director, actors, Clean chain of title etc
  • Domestic Distributor (Studio)
  • Sales estimates showing profitable overages (net revenue over amount financed)
  • Completion bond attached (bond cost is included in the film budget)
  • Legal documentation completed

All key production elements are in place including final script, director, major actors, contracts, chain of title of the rights, etc.

The "Domestic" rights (North America) are pre-sold to a major studio or acceptable other majors or mini-majors such as Lions Gate Films.

An acceptable completion bond is secured by the producers naming the financier(s) as beneficiary. (The completion bond is a very important part of how FEFP will be able to limit their exposure to risk and/or liability)

FEFP has been able to verify sales estimates by either pre-selling some key international territories and/or obtaining offers to acquire rights in key international territories. By verifying sales estimates, FEFP is able to be assured that the aggregate value of estimated sales in the international distribution territories, coupled with the North American sale is sufficient to repay the amount financed and more importantly, provide an acceptable return on FEFP's capital.

Legal documentation pertaining to FEFP must be completed including the loan agreement, inter-party agreement (producers/distributors), completion bond issuance and all other documentation required.

Who Do We Work With

Financial Equity Film Partners works with studios, distributors, production companies, online platforms, established filmmakers and producers. We also work with various banks and finance institutions, industry consultants and reps, and talent agencies.



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