MEG Merger and Acquisition Div

Merger & Acquisitions Division

M & A Program & Activity.

Momentous has developed and started implementing an acquisition program to acquire pofitable income producing companies that fit its business sector. Momentous is also reviewing a number of EBITDA positive media, film and television libraries, and tech related target candidates for acquisition.

Momentous is also working with highly successful M & A executives to assist Momentous in sourcing potential acquisitions and negotiating most favorable terms. Momentous is also in discussions with various funding sources to assist in the financing of these acquisitions.

These potential acquisitions provides an internal sales force which can monetize Momentous' television series and films; along with bottom line revenue, positive cash flow, and assets.


Momentous' First Acquisition. --

Poolworks Germany Ltd.


Momentous' Second Acquisition. --

Chimera® Games


Momentous' Third Acquisition. --

NeuroFUSE Supplements


Momentous' Forth Acquisition. --


Summing Up

These potential acquisitions, provide Momentous a clear path to profitability.


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