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Poolworks Ltd.

Poolworks'studiVZ and meinVZ record more than 10 million registered users between the ages of 16 and 59 and over 45 million page impressions per month. Established in Germany in 2005, Poolworks has evolved into a recognizable household name by developing new platforms, integrating content, and marketing social games. To learn more, visit Poolworks' websites: www.studivz.net and www.meinvz.net.

Momentous Entertainment will provide Hollywood quality film and television content to Poolworks 10+ million subscribers on a revenue shared basis with content providers.

"Considering Microsoft's anticipated purchase of LinkedIn valuated at $247 per user and FaceBook's valuation of $200 per user ; acquiring Poolworks for $1 per user affords the opportunity for substantial growth." Mr. Neubauer also stated, "The Poolworks acquisition will bring the necessary asset value to Momentous to begin to consider the process of a possible uplisting to the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange."

Momentous has committed to maintain a strong focus on information security for its users, something that competing German social networks continue to neglect.

The Poolworks acquisition will provide an internal sales force which can monetize Momentous' content properties providing for bottom line revenues, positive cash flows, and assets.

Summing Up

Acquisitions like Poolworks will provide Momentous a clear path to profitability.


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